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Retirement Planning

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Investment Management

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Tax Planning

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Insurance Planning

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning


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Our Fees

Traditional AUM Model<br/>

Traditional AUM Model

  • AUM or assets under management means we charge a percentage of the assets that we manage on an annual basis.
  • This tends to be best for those looking for ongoing investment management as well as proactive financial planning advice.
  • Below is our typical fee schedule, which is lower than the industry average.

Hourly Model<br/>

Hourly Model

  • Some of our clients are not looking for investment management or ongoing advice.
  • You may want a retirement check-up, have questions about your benefits, or need a consultation to understand how to reduce your taxes.
  • You may be a self-directed investor but want a comprehensive plan with a check-in every 1-2 years.
  • All of these situations make sense for our hourly planning model.
  • We charge $195 per hour and we cap our planning fee at $1,500 per calendar year.
Flat Annual Fee<br/>

Flat Annual Fee

  • There comes a point when the traditional AUM model may no longer make sense.
  • We can provide a flat annual fee to those who have accumulated significant wealth, seeking ongoing investment management and proactive advice.
  • These individuals often have unique circumstances with increasing levels of complexity.
  • Typically, this option becomes available to those with investable assets above $5,000,000.

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Each office of Lincoln Investment has its own fee schedule. Therefore, the cost for similar services by another office may be higher or lower than the fee schedule shown here. Fees may also vary with complexity of the case or the scope of the services provided. If you choose to implement your financial plan through us, the Financial Advisor will act as agent for the broker-dealer, Lincoln Investment and/or agent for any insurance company with whom the Financial Advisor may affiliate. Security recommendations will be limited to products offered by the broker-dealer. Although you always have the ability to purchase security products through other brokers or dealers, the fee schedule for our services has been structured with the understanding that our clients will implement financial product recommendation through our firm.

*Bob Veres, 2020 Inside Information Fee Report, Pg 5, 22, 28.