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An approach Focused on what we can control to help you:

Not run out of money.

Minimize your taxes.

Avoid unnecessary risks.

Meet your goals.

Have enough income.

What We Can Control


While we can't control what the market does, our advisors can target a portfolio that maintains the lowest levels of volatility to meet the required return to help achieve your financial goals.

We can play offense when market fundamentals favor more risk.

We can play defense when market fundamentals favor less risk.


Tax Loss harvesting: Locking in temporary losses in the value of an investment to offset the impact of capital gains taxes.

Asset Location: Maximizing the tax benefits of the types of accounts you have by placing the right types of investments in those accounts.

Tax bracket management: Withdrawing funds from different account types to target favorable tax brackets.


Our investment approach focuses on minimizing fees to our clients.

Our advisors invest in ETFs, low cost index funds, and no load mutual funds to minimize the underlying expense ratios that our clients pay for access to these investment vehicles. 

*We maintain advisory fees that are below the industry average.

                                What We Can't Control

  • Market Performance
  • Recessions
  • Inflation
  • Interest Rates
  • New Laws and Regulations
  • How long you live

While we can’t control these things, we can plan for them and control how we react to these scenarios to improve the probability of successful outcomes for our clients. It’s our job to pay attention to these events and adapt our strategy when appropriate.

We welcome questions. Give us a call if you want to learn more.

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*Bob Veres, 2020 Inside Information Fee Report, Pg 5, 22, 28.