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An approach focused on what we can control so you:

Don't run out of money.

Minimize your taxes.

Avoid unnecessary risks.

Meet your goals.

Have enough income

We believe that there are some things you can control and somethings you can’t. If we get it right on all the things we can control then your plan will have the highest probability of success.

What we can control:

Costs: Our investment approach focuses on minimizing fees to our clients. Our advisors invest in ETFs, low cost index funds and no load mutual funds to minimize the underlying expenses that our clients pay for access to these investment vehicles.

Risk: While we can’t control what the stock market does our advisors can carefully select a portfolio that historically has had the lowest volatility to meet the returns required by our clients to meet their goals. We can play offense when market fundamentals favor more risk and defense when market fundamentals are less favorable.

Taxes: Our advisors can help reduce your taxes through multiple strategies including loss harvesting to offset gains, asset location to maximize the tax benefits of different types of accounts, and smart withdrawals when you take income to manage your tax bracket in retirement.

What we can’t control:

  • Market performance.
  • Recessions.
  • Interest rates.
  • Inflation.
  • How long you live.
  • Rising costs of healthcare.
  • New laws and regulations.

While we can’t control these things we can plan for them, and we can control how we react to these scenarios to improve the probability of successful outcomes for our clients. It’s our job to pay attention to these events and adapt our strategy when appropriate.

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